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Welcome to StormMC!
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Welcome to PvP!

In PVP, there are several things to do. You can PVP others and show dominance, or you could run around and discover the wonders of the world! From the Ancient Tree to the Orc Checkpoint, with little challenges along the way, like bosses you can defeat with your friends, show that you rule this world and become first on /baltop!

List of the main places to explore:
Human town
Orc Checkpoint
Elf town
Spider cave
Spider pit
Soul forest
Arcane Ancient Ruins
Cannibal Camp

Depending on the difficulty of mobs, each drops a certain amount of money, displayed as an emerald with a number above it. Of course, bosses like the Orc General or the Human General will drop more than a simple skeleton. 

The money that you gather will be put into your balance. This money you obtain from killing mobs can be used to purchase things in the shop! 

Keep in mind, when in PVP, do not log out! If you log out, it will result in an auto death and will be treated the same as someone killing you. This meaning that you will lose your armor and all items you had in your inventory. Not only will your items be gone but 1% of your money in your balance will be dropped as a reward for the player who killed you. 

Before you get started, here are some things that may come to very much use:

Each armor set has its own set of attributes that are specifically designed to improve a certain field. If there is an armor that does not provide a certain strength, do not fear it will likely be added in time! Some of the armors we have are (From Weakest to Strongest): The leather armor you have on spawn, Chainmail, Iron, Steel, Diamond, Emerald which provides a jump boost, Ruby that provides a health boost, Sapphire that provides a boost of speed, and Obsidian which increases defense but adds slowness. Mix and match different armor pieces to get the overall best combination of the strengths! Keep in mind, that boots of a certain type of armor will have a lower improvement than if you used the chestplate from the very same set! All of these armor sets can be found in the Armorsmith. 

All consumables can be found with the consumable villager. There are several new additions, in this case in the form of apples. Each kind of apple boosts a certain strength for a certain time period:
Candy apple- 5 mins of Speed Boost 1
Sapphire- 2 mins of Speed Boost 4
Ruby- 2 mins of Health Boost 4
Emerald- 2 mins of Jump Boost 4
Nether - 6 mins of Jumpboost, Speed and Strenght 4
Though, we also have a grappling hook in the consumables too! The grappling hook can be used to faster travel around the map, you will come to notice that this will be a prime way people travel around the map. 

We have loads of potions! Some are newly added just for your experience. All of these potions can be found at the alchemist at the shop. Each of these potions have certain boosts and certain weaknesses, and some are just for fun. :p
 - Skyforce   - Jump 50 5s - SlowFalling 1 30s   
- WaterBottle - Wither 2 3s 
 - BottledFart   - Nausea 1 60s - Poison 1 40s 
 - Splash Health  
- Juggernaut   - Slowness 5 30s   - Strength 2 15s - Resistance 3 30s   
- SecondChance   - Speed 2 10s - Instant Health 10 - Nausea 1 10s
  - Fire Resistance 1 60s - Weakness 2 2s - Absorption 3 60s  
 - Steroids - Speed 1 15s - Strength 2 60s    - Regeneration 1 30s
  - Coffee   - Speed 3 90s   - Strength 1 90s - Resistance 1 30s - Wither 1 20s 
  - Protein Shake - Speed 1 7s - Strength 1 30s - Regeneration 1 15s

We also have assorted weapons! Some just do more damage and some reduce certain powers for a limited time. Each set of weapons have a sword and an axe, so you have a full choice if you would rather PVP with either! (Keep in mind axes are a little slower). Here is a list from weakest to strongest: The stone sword you spawn with, Iron, Steel, Diamond, Emerald (Which when hitting a player, reduces their jump), Ruby (Which applies temporary wither to the opponent), Sapphire (Hitting a player with a sapphire weapon results in the player’s speed becoming really slow!) and the Obsidian, which has no boost but is really strong! These weapons can all be found in the shop at the Weaponsmith!

Now, enchantments on StormMc are something truly special, not only do we have custom enchants, (These are obtainable by enchanting with the enchantment table at the shop) but you can also buy exp at the shop along with books! There are 4 different bottles that each are more expensive than the one before it, but also each provides you with more and more exp.
(Cost of each of the bottles and the amount of exp provided)
100$ - 170exp
150$ - 370exp
200$ - 825exp
500$ - 7035exp
There also has been a boost on the max capacity of normal enchants you can apply to your items! This max capacity is 15! For example: You can obtain Protection 15 on each part of your armor! 

Just a quick note on placeable, wool blocks will deteriorate after a certain period, this being around 7 seconds. The same logic applies to water and lava buckets (Keep in mind these buckets are one time uses). Tnt is auto ignited and is throwable! Fire charges are just like flint and steel, though per purchase you only get 16 “lights”

Auctioneer and Banker:
The auctioneer is a wonderful NPC who basically holds auctions for people’s unwanted items! Got something you do not want anymore? Try using the command “/Ah Sell (Price)” while holding an item of your desire. This will put your unwanted item up for a price you set yourself! So be wise on what you set it as.
The Banker is a very useful NPC that lets you store your items like an ender chest! Make sure to take full advantage of it so you do not lose all your stuff on death!